Mayhem in Norwood Following Huga Man’s Murder

The St James police have deployed a strong contingency of officers this morning, May 21, in the Bottom Road, area of Paradise, Norwood, following the shooting death of a man, who is said to have been the alleged community don.

So far the police have released the identity of the deceased only as ‘Huga Man’, also of a Norwood address.

Reports by the police are that about 8:45 am, the now deceased was standing along a section of Bottom Road, in the vicinity of the community playing field, when he was pounced upon by armed men.

He was reportedly chased and shot multiple times to death by his attackers, who fled the scene.

Following the murder of the alleged don, several young men in the community took to the street, and staged several roadblocks throughout the area.

Sources revealed that traffic was diverted from that section of the community to other areas, after the angry residents carried out a series of attacks on several Innocent motorists, in reprisal for the murder of their community leader.

Police personnel is also still at the crime scene.

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