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A guilty plea by one of three men accused of killing Luciano’s son

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – A guilty plea at the Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston for one of the three men accused in the murder of Jamaican Reggae Singer Luciano’s son.


Nashlyn Anderson, 19-year-old of a Kingston address, took the guilty plea of manslaughter, when he was accused of killing Grammy nominee Luciano’s son, Menelick McClymont.


The son of the world-renowned reggae artist, who brought people together, through his message of peace and love, was attacked on February 26, 2016.


Several stab wounds inflicted all over his body, in the vicinity of Parkington Plaza in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew. He was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounce dead.
The other two accused, Jerome Coombs and Camanie Shaw, who were involved in the deadly attack, both pleaded not guilty.


Anderson is schedule to be sentence on April 21 but remains behind bars, while the trial for Coombs and Shaw is to begin on May 4.


Luciano appeared in a video online, on the day his son was killed, asking members of the public to share what they know with the police.


“Dem kill mi son… The youth a go school and the man dem lay wait him… These culprits cyaan just get away, kill off innocent people and run gone hide and live like all is well,” said the greiving Luciano in the video clip with music producer Wayne Lonesome. “Me hear say dem drive off inna a car. Anyone who have any information leading up to this. These youths haffi be apprehended,”  Luciano appealed.


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