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Jury Freed Man of “Raping Girl in Goat Pen Charge”

Kingston Jamaica (McN) – “Goat Pen Rape”: A Seven member jury on Friday March 31, acquitted a 28-year-old Kingston man of a charge of rape in the Home Circuit Court.

Orane Pryce, 28, of a Waterhouse address in the Kingston 11 area was on Trial for the rape of a teen girl.

Pryce, represented by attorney-at-law Peter Champagnie, plead not guilty to charge and maintained that the sex was consensual in exchange for a cellphone.

According to his court testimony, the 17-year-old complainant reported that he rapped her after he did not turn over to her the cellphone which was promised for sex with her.

The complainant alleged that Pryce  raped her several times on March 12, 2014, and allegedly threatened to kill her before having forcing her to have sex in a bathroom that they share in the same yard.

He was accused of allegedly pulling her to goat pen in the yard where he again raped, then took her to his room an continued to have non-consented sex with her.

Court reports state the 17-year-old reported the sexual encounter as rape to the police minutes after the incidents.

During testimony the complainant agreed with Attorney Peter Champagnie that she had consensual sex with his client.

All seven Jurors came back with a vote of not guilty.

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