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PNP Sylvan Reid walks from murder charge in Football coach son’s death.

St. James, Jamaica (McN) – Sylvan Reid, People’s National Party (PNP) representative for the Salt Spring division, in St. James had a conditional ruling in court on Monday March 3 , after being slapped with several charges from the fatal ending of a 14 year old, former football coach’s son.
Coach Theodore Whitmore vs Councilllor Sylvan Reid
Coach Theodore Whitmore

Jouvhaine Whitmore, son of former national coach and 1998 Jamaica reggae boys football team, Theodore Whitmore, met his demise on November 2013, after being hit by a motor vehicle, said to be driven Sylvan Reid on that day.


Justice Viviene Harris, handed the conditional ruling, where three key witnesses were notably absent, despite the warrants for their appearance in court on Monday, which lead to the freed Councillor walking in relief.


There was a request for a conditional Nolle Prosequi by the prosecution, because of failure to execute warrants, which was granted by the judge.


On November 2013, Reid reported to the police station, that his SUV had been stolen, following an accident where Jouvhaine Whitmore met his sudden fatal end, from injuries he sustained, after being hit off his bicycle at the intersection of Retirement and Tucker roadway in St. James.


Reid was identified as the driver of the SUV, and was later charged after a ruling by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Paula Llewellyn.


The case remains open and is subjected to call up at anytime in the future, should the DPP see it fit.


Family and friends, including students from Cornwall College, the school Jouvhaine was attending, mourned the loss of the former  national coach’s son, who was said to be a bright young star, very jovial and wonderful child.


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