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Lucea-Mobay Bus Driver, Shot-up and Killed with Passengers on Bus

Hanover, Jamaica (McN) – The Sandy Bay police are now carrying out investigations into the shooting death of a popular bus driver on Friday night, as he stopped to let a passenger off.

The incident which occurred along Flint River main road leading from Hopewell to Lucea, has raised the eyebrows of several community members.

The victim has been identified as Kevin McBean otherwise called Glissy, 45-year-old, Rastafarian bus/taxi operator of Hopewell.

It is also understood that several passengers who were travelling in the bus at the time of the incident received minor injuries, while attempting to avoid being shot by the gunman.

Reports are that, McBean, who operates a Toyota Hiace bus from Lucea to Montego Bay, had just picked up passengers at the Montego Bay Transport Centre and was heading back to Lucea about 8:45pm.

On reaching a section of the Flint River main road, in the vicinity of the Flint River and Pond Side main road intersection, one male passenger asked for a stop.

Immediately as the driver stopped, gunman stepped out of the vehicle brandished a handgun and started firing wildly at the driver.

To avoid been shot passengers jumped from the bus windows and ran into nearby bushes

The gunman then fired a barrage of gunshots at the fleeing passengers before making his escape in a waiting motor car.

The Sandy Bay police were allerted and upon arrival McBean was discovered lying slumped around the steering wheel with multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body .

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