Stop Eating Corned Beef: May Contain Rotten Beef From Brazil – Gov’t


Kingston, Jamaica (McN) –  In an emergency meeting on Monday afternoon, Minister Karl Samuda announced that effective immediately, the Jamaican Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries has banned all imports of corned beef made in Brazil.

Jamaican Government Says Consumers Should Not Eat Corned Beef Until Further Notice

This ban is imposed on information from the Brazilian authorities that several major Brazilian meat processors have been reportedly selling consumers rotten beef and poultry. As per the Government these companies supply 99.5 percent of the corned beef being sold in Jamaica.

It is further alleged that these meat companies have gotten away with this practice by paying lofty bribes to auditors in exchange for fraudulent sanitary licenses.

Immediate actions taken to against the distribution of corned beef in Jamaica

  1. A temporary hold will be placed on all permits for the import of corned beef from Brazil.
  2. As a precautionary measure, all corned beef currently on the shelves will be withdrawn.
  3. The National Food Recall Committee will meet immediately to determine next steps and inform when it will be safe to consume the product.

In the interim, the Bureau of Standards Jamaica will conduct chemical test profiles to ascertain the contents of corned beef on the market and the Veterinary Services Division of the Ministry will conduct microbiological and residue tests to ascertain whether contaminants are present in the products on the local market.

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