Lose Control by Chris Tijera and Indie Allen

As I sit here listening to Chris Tijera ft Indie Allen 1st single “Lose Control” “A la connection release”. I find myself closing my eyes and diving in a pool of smooth vocals with silky textures that can resonate globally with the universal connection of both languages coming together as one.

After listening, my curiosity leads me to the video on YouTube which premiered on platforms on April 20, 2020. Similar to the soothing rhythm in my ears the visuals are extremely enticing to the eyes as well.

Chris Tijera has elements of reggaeton, RnB and even a little hip hop which aligns well with Indie Allen’s smooth reggae sound forming a perfectly blended musical vibe which can be heard in “Lose Control”.

It’s our pleasure to display, showcase and highlight this dynamite new single to our shores of Jamaica. Chris Tijera has so much more to offer musically and is working closely with YB Entertainment Group INC.

The support is here and we can’t wait to hear “Lose Control” running wild on our airwaves in Jamaica, the Caribbean and all over this multicultural planet of ours.


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