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Lisa Hanna Gets Death Threats After Speaking on Kartel’s Music

Kingston, Jamaica (McN)Lisa Hanna is threatened on social media. Inspector Warren Williams, Head of the Cybercrimes Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force is warning the public that it is illegal to make threats on social media.

Inspector Williams warning is in addition to highlights by the JCF on the legal use of social media.

His warning also comes as politician Lisa Hanna started receiving threats on social media after she said the country needs to discuss whether the music of convicted persons should be banned from the public airwaves.

Hanna spoke about Vybz Kartel in an interview on Nationwide 90 FM on Wednesday.

The politician when asked whether the music of convicted persons should be banned from the electronic media, responded,

“… I am prepared to have that discussion…, ‘in the best interest of our country, we have to identify what rules are rules and what privileges are privileges.” If you are convicted, perhaps it is your music needs not be played on the radio,” Hanna highlighted.  

Since the interview yesterday on Nationwide 90 FM, Hanna has received death threats and promises from persons to disassociate with her in political support.

Inspector Williams warns that persons should be aware that they could be charged under the Cybercrimes Act if they use technology to intimidate others.

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