Senator Floyd Morris

Senator Morris Tells KSAC Pay Blind Man Who Fell Over Bridge

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Senator Floyd Morris, Opposition Deputy Spokesman on Labour and Social Security, has beckoned the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation  (KSAC) to hasten payment to Mr Carlo Bruce, a blind man who fell over a Kingston bridge in 2015.

Mr. Carlo Bruce reportedly suffered severe injuries during the 2015 fall.

The incident was placed before the Combined Disabilities Association (CDA) and the Public Defender, who represented Bruce on to the KSAC.

Senator Morris reports, KSAC accepted liability for the incident, agreed to pay $1.1 million to Bruce. However, since that agreement, Bruce was not paid.

All efforts by the Public Defender to collect the payment for Bruce have not been successful, reports Morris.

The matter was brought to Morris who is now taking action to call on Senator Delroy Williams, Mayor of Kingston for the assistance of his office, in expediting the payment for Bruce.

He is also calling on the Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie, to make sure that the resources are made available to the KSAC to pay Bruce.

Senator Morris Says KSAC Must Repair Kingston’s Bridges and Manholes

In the meanwhile Senator Floyd Morris demands that the KSAC repair all bridges and manholes in Kingston and St. Andrew, that are hazardous to the lives of the disabled and other citizens.


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