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Lexi Dbess Funeral and Family Expenses

If doing what you love can make you a wealthy person then Lexi Dbess’ life was full of abundance. She was a brilliant female actress, famous YouTube vlogger and director in the making with such a clean heart, bright vision & future.

It is with deep sorrow and much love that we mourn the passing of Lexian Williams, popularly known as Lexi Dbess, who died in a dramatic car accident in Trelawny on Friday, March 18th. Passing away at the young age of only 21 years, Lexi had a blooming future ahead and everybody admired her for her positive, funny and charming character. A true gem inside out a beacon of hope and a big motivation as well as inspiration to the people in her community.

Likewise, her fellow entertainer, Trelawny’s native international dancehall superstar Charly Black, Lexi Dbess represented her home in its entirety. She was an aspiring entrepreneur with a vision of becoming a successful businesswoman after launching her very own “Lanier store” with the aim to financially support her family – through such a tragedy ending those dreams were short-lived.

Family, friends, fans and supporters are still shocked and traumatized by this horrifying news and in deep pain. Her best friend Celia Vernon was with her in the car – she luckily survived and is currently hospitalized in critical conditions and suffering from two broken ribs, legs and fractured lungs.

This fundraiser won’t bring back our beloved Lexi to the world and money won’t cure all the pain & hardships we’re going through at the moment but it will help the two families to cover a serious amount of medication costs & funeral expenses.

We thank you for every share and every little contribution! Let’s show our love and support to these families by honoring the legacy Lexi Dbess left with us.


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