Koffee Finally Shares New Song ‘Pressure’: Listen

“We all under pressure my friend,” are some of the words in Koffee’s new single as she unites with the grassroots under pressure during these rough times. The new single Pressure officially debuted today on the Reggae singer’s YouTube VEVO page.

Koffee’s new track comes on the heels of what has become her mega summer hit, Lockdown, that clocked in 1 million views on YouTube in as little as two days after its release two weeks ago. Lockdown is still the No.1 video on YouTube in Jamaica and has currently racked up over six million streams.

Pressure may have just arrived on the scene today, but she has been previewing the track at many of her concerts over the past two years. She even shot a promotional video substitute that was filmed in Jamaica about a month ago for U.S. fashion designer Thom Browne in Highsnobiety’s, Not In Paris digital exhibition in lieu of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, however, the visuals were later removed from public viewing.

The highly anticipated new single implores strength to mitigate the pressure caused by everyday stresses. It also registers to life now, particularly with the many consequences that come with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Koffee relates to the masses, expressing understanding and comfort, as some of the lyrics go, “Sometimes when yuh feel it yuh cry doh, Hurt yuh heart enuh But do, no mek it stress yuh, Cause it haffi be better, Nuh haffi live ina the ghetto, Fi be under the pressure my friend.”

Then showing that she too goes through the tumultuous times, she says:

This cya get no worse
Haffi call it a curse
How me heart it a hurt me
Call it cerosee
Because from me birth
A the first me a feel like the Father desert me
But, mmm, all when the pressure erupt
Me never give up
No, no, no me never give in
Me a send up a prayer fi the better living
I cya bawl so a better me sing

The new single, written by Koffee, is now available for streaming on all major music platforms.

Check out the full version of the track here –


Source: Dancehallmag

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