D’Angel’s Request For Removal Of Nude Photos Denied

A week after D’Angel’s attorney demanded that unauthorized persons delete all photos and videos of the Dancehall singer which they illicitly grabbed from her OnlyFans account, at least one offender has flatly refused and even sought even to jeer the artiste.

The deejay had declared that she had retained attorney-at-law Christopher Townsend, to pursue a lawsuit related to a breach of her OnlyFans account, after several nude and semi-nude photos of her were circulated on social media.

At the time, Townsend said the photos and videos, which are for the eyes of subscribers only, were stolen and, as such, constitutes a breach of the acceptable use policy of the OnlyFans platform, as well as a contravention of the Cybercrimes Act.

He also said perpetrators are subject to civil and criminal liability, and third-party transmitters of D’Angel’s ‘copyrighted images,’ including via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube, are being investigated and may be held liable.

However, up to today, not only are the photographs and videos still showcased on at least one Instagram page and its website, but the operators of one of the pages bragged on D’Angel’s own Instagram page, that any efforts by her to sue them will be in vain.

The mocking of the artiste began after she posted a photo of herself hugging Townsend, which she captioned: “Great legal representation @christownsend.twp.  We had to take a quick pic, then back to business!”

“Your lawyer don’t understand the laws. Only Fans can sue for those pictures. You can’t sue nobody,” the poster from the offending IG page wrote.

“We have every single piece of content from D” Angel’s Fan Only.  You and D’Angel and her legal team come sue us.  When we told our lawyer, they issued a cease and desist in the Jamaica Star and Observer, he laughed till he almost cried. He said that was just a promotional stunt to grow her subscriber base because even the most novice lawyers know that’s not how you issue cease and desist. Do you know?” the poster added in response to objections from D’Angel’s supporters.


One female fan came to D’Angel’s rescue, arguing that the detractor’s arguments were legally unsound.

“You sound so stupid.   Is you serious?????? Onlyfans own the platform but who’s pictures!? Look here go to yah bed and stop making a fool of yourself!”

However, some followers also lampooned the 42-year-old artiste, claiming she was wasting time and money by seeking legal redress.

“You don’t have a case and he (Townsend) knows that.  Stop the foolery,” one man said.

“As far as me see it those pics that got leaked isn’t it promotion good promo bad promo you name a buzz.  U fi just drop some music now and run wid it and tek some more dope pics and hope dem leak so people can talk,” another follower said.

Some other followers maintained that D’Angel had heaped condemnation upon herself by creating the OnlyFans page, and so should have expected the backlash and the negative exposure.

“Well I for one haven’t gotten or paid for that… I’m not going judge either…but if people going put themselves out like that u have to expect the negative or in this case leaks…if I was her I’d close that fan thing down,” one man said.

“Now that you r getting the attention you wanted, you can’t handle it,” another man rebuked.

OnlyFans has been dubbed by the New York Times as the “paywall of porn, and a place where subscribers, ‘mostly male; straight, gay and beyond, pay models and social media influencers a fee to view a feed of imagery it described as “too racy for Instagram’.

Subscription to OnlyFans enables users to access, direct message, and “tip” to get pictures or videos created on-demand, according to their sexual tastes.

In February, The Independent newspaper reported that a huge cache of pornographic photos and videos totaling approximately 1.5 terabytes, were leaked from OnlyFans.  It said this was equivalent to approximately three million photos or 750 hours of HD video created by sex workers, porn stars, and social media influencers.

At the time, users complained that sites like OnlyFans lack accountability, which has sinister implications for creators’ safety, as their content “can be bought and then freely distributed to others.

OnlyFans reportedly said the leak was not the result of a data breach and attributed it to being the likely result of private users disseminating content from behind the paywall.  OnlyFans policies prohibit the sharing of content, but presently no technology exists to avert the re-sharing of private images and videos from pay-walled sites.

The platform said the measures it takes with respect to stolen content, includes “takedown notices against all reported copyright violations and the issuing of notices on all illicit target websites, hosting services and domain registrars”.


Source: Dancehallmag

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