Koffee Fans Retaliate After Foota Hype Questions Her Cover Of A Fetty Wap Song

Koffee’s long-time video rendition of American rapper Fetty Wap’s song No Days Off, has left Foota Hype in a tizzy.

The self-proclaimed ‘Defender of Straightness’, who has often criticized Koffee’s androgynous mode of dress, posted the video clip on his Instagram page on Wednesday but did not elaborate on why he did so.  It appears, though, that he is either upset that the superstar did not change the feminine pronouns in the 2015 song, to reflect male ones, or thought the song was an original penned by the Spanish Town native.

However, implicit in his caption was the declaration that the youngster, who appeared to be still in high school at the time the video was made, and who apparently was trying to catch the cadence of the song, was singing to a girl.

“So unu want mi ignore this? It nuh sound right eno wah unu think?” Foota wrote beneath the video, which sees Koffee singing part of a verse of the tune as she strums her guitar.

Koffee’s rendition of Fetty’s song would come as no surprise to her fans, as the Grammy winner has long said she listens to and practices music made by other artistes, particularly to learn from the flows (rhyme schemes, and rhythms), and then experiment with the various sounds.

However, some of Foota Hype’s loyal fans joined him in castigating the 20-year-old, questioning her sexuality, while others hurled invectives at her.

Some followers who knew the original song dismissed Foota as being mischievous, positing that in everyday life, people do not change pronouns when singing a song they like, regardless of the gender of the person for whom it was written.

“Anuh she write di song battyboy,” one fan wrote. “Same way we sing Kartel songs and they are about girls. She is singing another artist song and it is about a girl… guh worry bout your immigration status and leave Koffee alone.”

“She is doing a cover to a song.   She singing someone else’s song.  So she needs to change the lyrics to make y’all feel good? To many grown men obsessed about what this young girl is or is not,” another said in her rebuke of the 38-year-old selector.

Another declared: “Big big big dunce people she singing over somebody song, some a uno dunce till it look a way.”

Foota was also reprimanded for failing to highlight the fact that the Koffee’s new song Lockdown, amassed more than one million YouTube views in two days.

Other followers demanded that he mind his own business, and, among other things, focus his attention on his immigration case.

“As a grown ass man you are entitled to your opinion.  However, maybe you haven’t realize she is her OWN person and is entitled just like you to sing, date or do what she wants to,” said one commenter. “Would you like someone to judge you that you are in this country without status and trying to stay or the fact that you are wearing an ankle monitor so the government can track you.”

“Stop with bull and go fix your life. Go work on your immigration case…,” he added.
Source: Dancehallmag
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