Blind Market Vendor Stabbed Almost Dead Still not Out-the-Woods

Jamaica News, February 14, 2018

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Blind Market Vendor Stabbed: Saturday Morning’s stabbing of a blind man by another vendor, over a tray of eggs, in the Coronation Market, downtown Kingston rocked the west Kingston area and diaspora. Many concerned about the heartlessness of some persons who are out in the population supposedly trying to earn in a tough economy.

Darling Street Police Station, downtown Kingston report that at some time before 8: am., they received a call about a blind hat vendor stabbed by a female vendor. On arrival they found the man bleeding from what appeared to be a stab wound, and transported him to the Kingston Public Hospital, downtown.

According to sources, visually impaired, Mr. Clive Mullings, 58, who resides on East Road, Kingston was on his regular routine of going through the Coronation market in downtown Kingston, trying to sell hats, when he accidentally knocked over a tray of eggs belonging to a female vendor that was at the market with her child.

Eyewitness report that woman allegedly confronted the blind man, and an argument we are told developed between the two about the eggs.

Blind Market Vendor Stabbed: according to sources, persons witnessing the woman’s fury tried to quell her by offering to pay for the tray of eggs – but that infuriated her. The enraged woman then allegedly physically assaults the blind man with a piece of wood and next stabbed the helpless man, before grabbing her child and fleeing the scene.

Mckoy’s News understands that the visually impaired man was admitted and still being treated for the near-fatal injury.

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