Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News)WHO KILLED SHANTEL WRIGHT? as the deadly plague of murder continues to shower down on Western Jamaica more families are been plunged into anguish after loosing their love ones to these cold-heart murderers.

In little over a week another promising young female has been brutally murdered in the parish of Westmoreland.

Just several days ago the body of a missing young woman was discovered buried in a tomb in the back room of her boyfriend’s house at Pee Wee Lane in Negril and, now on the afternoon of Friday June 16th the body of another missing young woman has been discovered murdered in a cane field in close proximity to her house in Little London, Westmoreland.

21-year-old Shantel Wright who resided in Little London but worked in the traffic office at the Sav la mar Police Station, as a Data Entry Clerk went missing on Thursday morning while attending a party, which was been held at her mother’s bar along the Little London main road.

It is reported that Shantel was last seen alive about 12:30 am on Thursday morning, June 15th 2017, leaving the party allegedly in the company of a popular police officer.

Shantel Wright Missing

She was not seen or heard from since and, family members got suspicious after coworkers at the Sav la mar station contacted her home on Thursday afternoon and inquired why she never turn up at work.

Relatives of the victim told Mckoy’s News that they made several attempts to contact the popular police officer and to get an answer as to Shantel’s whereabouts but their attempts failed.

The family were joined by angry community members who staged a major protest along the Little London main road on Friday afternoon, which resulted in a major traffic stand still.

The protest was transformed into mourning after it was announced that Shantel’s body was discovered in a cane field in close proximity to her house.

One resident pointed out that a bunch of house keys, a cell phone and a leather belt allegedly resembling the ones worn by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force were discovered at the scene.

Three immediate family members including the mother of the victim collapsed in an unconscious state and had to be rushed off to hospital. The scene was processed and the body removed and pronounced dead at hospital.

Investigators say they cannot really determine the cause of death but it would appear that she suffered from a blow to the left side of her head.

One officer who was in the area stated that he is not at leisure to comment on such a delicate matter, however a special team of investigators are now conducting an investigation into Shantel’s death.

Also a team from  INDECOM arrived in the area in late afternoon and is now going over the case step by step.

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