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Don’t Sleep with Mobile Phone under Pillow

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

(Mckoy’s News) – Don’t Sleep with Mobile Phone under Pillow: It Dangerous to Sleep With a Cell Phone under Your Pillow:

Most experts agree with the warnings to avoid sleeping with a cell phone under your pillow.

The “under the pillow” angle of cell phone radiation is just a subset of a larger discussion on the topic of cell phone radiation in general. Though there is some evidence to support harmful effects of cell phone use on the brain, the jury is out on brain cancer or brain tumors and cell phone use.

Nevertheless, most experts advise taking the safe route and limiting unnecessary extended exposure, such as sleeping with a cell phone next to your head.

Ways to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation:-

While the debate rages, many people prefer to err on the side of caution and try to minimize their cell phone radiation exposure. Such steps include:

Keeping cell phone several feet away while sleeping.

Using speaker instead of talking directly into the handset.

Text instead of talking.

Use headphones or Bluetooth connectors.

If you are using your phone at night for its clock or alarm features, consider putting it in “airplane mode” which suspends the phone’s transmission functions.

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