Jermaine Hood – Man on WANTED LIST Demands Public Appology

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, January 29, 2018

St James, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Jermaine Hood, a St James man whose name appeared on a list of several wanted men in the parish recently is now demanding a public apology and clarification from the security forces and the government of Jamaica.

Jermaine Hood a resident of Pelle Drive in Flankers, St James told Mckoy’s News that he was sent into shock several days ago when it was brought to his attention that his name and photography was among a list of over twenty men being sought by the police.

Jermaine Hood

According to Hood, several days after the State of Emergency was imposed on the parish of St James, a friend forward the “Wanted List” photo of him, to him via social media and he immediately decided to turn himself over at the Freeport police station.

Last Sunday Hood turned himself over to the police and was held in custody at the Freeport lockup for six days without being charged.

Hood stated that on Friday, January 26, he was released from police lock-up and given an apology by the police, even without him having to acquire the services of a lawyer.

He made mention that he was given a release form which the police stated that he should take along with him wherever he goes in case he is stopped by the police or the military in the future.

Jermaine Hood shared that he has only gone before the Court one time in his entire life, and that was for Breaches of the Road Traffic Act.

The shaken Hood pointed out that despite the police telling him that it was a mistake, he is still in fear of his life and demands a public apology and clarification from the security forces and the government.  He also mentioned that he will now be hiring the services of a lawyer and proceeded further with the incident.

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