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Erronious Wanted Men List? Popular Promoter Demands Name Cleared

Henry Bucknor Mckoy's News Crime Investigator

Jamaica News, January 29, 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Popular Montego Bay promoter Junior Reid say the security forces have now tarnished his name and his career by mistakenly putting out his photo and name on a wanted men List which was recently released in St James.

Reid who resides at Flankers is the second such person to come forward and accuse the security forces of blunder and of mistakenly placing their name on the wanted list.

Reid stated that like another man Flankers, St James man, Jermaine Hood, who has come forward to say he was mistakenly placed on the Government’s wanted men list, he too learned that his name was released on a wanted men list, from family, and friends who forwarded his photos on the list to him.

Upon viewing it carefully and knowing the danger he faces, Reid immediately turned himself over at the Freeport police station and was held in custody at the lockup for six days without being charged.

Montego Bay Producer Junior Reid
Popular Montego Bay Producer Junior Reid Mistakenly on Wanted Men List

Reid states that he also acquired the services of a lawyer, and upon his attorney’s visit to the police station, the police released him to his lawyer.

The cops also apologised stating that the list was not sent out by them but by the military.

Reid indicated that the police stated to him that there was not much they can do at this point, however, he was given a release form which certifies that his physical conduct was good, and instructed that he should take along this paper with him wherever he goes, in case he is stopped by the police or the military in the future.

The popular promoter stated that he is very upset, as this is the second such case where his name has appeared on a wanted men list in St James, and he was just given an apology and told it was a mistake.

Junior Reid pointed out that he is of good character an has a good relationship with the police in the parish, who do not refrain to issue him a permit whenever he is hosting an event.

Reid says he too his now living in fear and thinks a public clarification and apology from the security forces and the government is essential because a piece of paper cannot guarantee that he won’t be manipulated or even shot mistakenly by any of these security teams.

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