Dear Mckoy – Jealous Teen Daughter

Dear McKoy,

I am a single father of 4 little girls. My wife died 4 years ago during childbirth due to complications. I have not been with anyone since my wife’s death in 2014. I recently started seeing a lady who shows genuine interest in my girls. The problem is that my eldest who is 13 doesn’t like the woman I am dating, as she believes her mom wouldn’t have been happy about it. My girlfriend has stopped our one on one dates so we can have family picnics and activities but my daughter has still refused to participate or be a part of any of these activities.

Tell me McKoy, what would you do? Would give up on the one real source of love and happiness you’ve had since the death of your spouse? Would you be happy with not giving your other kids the chance of having two loving and supportive parents? Or would you give it a shot for your happiness as well?

McKoy I really need your help! Please advise me.
– S.S.A


Dear S.S.A,
Children can be very selfish and demanding. On the other hand, everyone needs to be happy and deserves to be happy. If this lady makes you happy and she treats your children well I see no reason for you to end the relationship with her.

 I do believe though that you need to sit and talk with your daughter, just assure her that you love her and her mom will always hold a special place in your heart and I’m sure she will turn around.  


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