Ayun “Looga Man” Daley

Jamaica Entertainment News: Ayun “Looga Man” Daley was born and raised in Kingston and St. Andrew. Ayun was born into music as he is the eldest son of Famous Jamaican musical artist Richard Daley of the band Third World. Looga Man professionally started his music career in 1997 as this was his passion. He is also one of six original members of the sensational Jamaican boy group Dutty Cup Crew which featured world-renowned artist Sean Paul.

Looga Man recalls that being a part of a group was a great experience for him. He fondly recalls how much brotherly love there was among them. He went further to state that it was egos and money that ended that chapter of his life.

He recalls how he faced several challenges at different points in his music career. He recalls how hard it was for him to balance being a father with being an artist. He says he faced other challenges in his career because even though he was confident he struggled with self-doubt. He also faced a challenge that was inevitable; he had huge shoes to fill. Having a famous father for him means that there has already been a standard set so high that it’s hard to replicate or supersede it.

When asked how he was able to overcome these challenges, he said, “it was with relentless focus and drive that I was able to fight my battle.”

Looga says he writes most of his songs but he welcomes the thoughts and ideas of other writers. He says he enjoys listening to every genre of music but he has a special love for dancehall. He says he appreciates music so much that he even listens to elevator music.

Ninja man is among his list of artist’s whom he says have influenced him. He says Ninja Man’s stage performances, Spragga’s song construction and delivery, Vybz Kartel and Junior Gong for their consistency and relentless pursuit for greatness are the base of his attitude towards music.

Looga stated that Tuff One with Mossy is one of his favorite songs of all time as it was the first song for him that was aired on the radio.

“Never give up, stay focused, always believe in yourself and constantly try to improve your craft every day because only then will you exude excellence,” was what Looga Man said he would express to his younger self if he could go back in time. These words nevertheless, these words prove to be wise and beneficial for youths today who are pursuing their dreams!

When asked about the impression he’d like to leave behind with his music, he said, “I don’t think too much about that! I just want to do what I love to the best of my ability. The impression I leave behind will be perceived differently by peers, but hopefully it will be a positive impression and its everlasting.”

He hopes that everyone will remember his music as be so real!

He is very active on social media. Be sure to follow Looga Man on social media using the links below:

Instagram: loogiloogs_aka_looga

Facebook: Ayun Looga Daley

Email: [email protected]


You can also listen to his songs on all music streaming platforms. Here are a few:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5lQ7HtLDElTdijF5skXiLu

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/be-careful/1435369274?i=1435369290

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zseTRpHkD4I




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