Dear Mckoy – His Mama Is A Young Girl

Dear McKoy,

I am an avid reader of your articles and columns and I have been wanting to write to you for some time now.

A friend of mine got married around 6 months ago and I recently made a startling discovery. The other day my boyfriend and I went to the all-inclusive hotel for the weekend. While at the hotel I saw my friend’s husband check in to the hotel with a young woman who was provocatively dressed. I watched for some time from a distance to make sure I wasn’t jumping to the wrong conclusion but I overheard the man at the front desk refer to her as Mrs. So and So.

I was so mad, I called my friend up to tell her but I couldn’t. I instead inquired of her how her husband was doing when she mentioned that he was away for the weekend visiting his mother.

I was so upset but I went with it. What would you have done? Would you have told her about where you saw her husband? Or would you just mind your own business?



Dear M.D,

I believe you’re caught between a rock and a hard place. She’s your friend and you want to tell her but it’s possible that if you tell her she might turn against you.

 If I were you, I would allow things to reveal itself in due time. When she does find out about her husband’s extra-marital affair simply be a shoulder she can cry on.

I know it may be hard to know that your friend’s husband is unfaithful and you have to pretend that all is well but it’s important that you keep out of her married life.

What God has yoked together let no man tear asunder.   

Dear Mckoy – Jealous Teen Daughter


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