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Jamaican Asafa Powel Finshes Ahead of US Justin Galtin at Doha Diamond League

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Kingston, Jamaica, (Mckoy’s News) -Former Jamaican 100 meter world record holder Asafa Powell finish ahead of American dream boy Justin Gatlin to finish second in 10.08 seconds at the Doha Diamond League held on Friday may 5th at the Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar.

Stats: Akani Simbine wins men’s 100M in 9.99 into -1.2

Asafa Powell 2nd in 10.08,

Femi Ogunode 3rd 10.13

Justin Gatlin finishes 4th in 10.14

The Jamaican sprinter who was recently listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the male athlete to clock the most sub 10 seconds in the 100 meter, missed out on a 98th sub-10 seconds clocking in the 100m.

Asafa said although he is disappointed to have not ran below 10 seconds, he was not surprised by the loss to Simbine as his season is just getting started and the wind played a part in the loss.

“I’m not surprised coming in second, we’re only just beginning our season. I wanted to go sub-10, but couldn’t because of the wind,” said Powell.

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