Jamaican MP Lisa Hanna Isn’t Quite Sold On Vybz Kartel Being The King Of Dancehall

Jamaican MP and former Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Rene Hanna is not sold on the notion that Vybz Kartel is the King of Dancehall, though she doesn’t quite disagree with the sentiments either.

In an Instagram Live session a few days ago, she sidesteps the question posed by a fan regarding whether or not the incarcerated deejay is the current King of Dancehall.  Kartel is currently serving 32 and a half years to life for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

“Hmm that’s an interesting question and we’ll probably have to debate that one a little bit more. I won’t come up with an answer just yet. Great lyricist and has some good producers that throw down some good rhythm combinations but let’s debate it a little more,” she said.

Another fan reposted a clip of the Live, saying “LisaHanna isn’t sure Vybz Kartel is King of the dancehall .. what’s your take on it?”.  Watch below.

The former Miss World 1993 currently serves as Member of Parliament for Saint Ann South East.  Hanna has been previously quoted in the media as being opposed to Kartel producing music from behind bars and even called for a ban of his music from the Jamaican airwaves while he’s incarcerated. That was three years ago.

The situation became so heated that fans of the Gaza Nation made death threats towards the MP but she didn’t back down on her position and told the Jamaica Observer that Kartel fans’ violent reactions to her statements were just adding to her original point. “The disgusting comments on my social media pages exposed the dark and vitriolic underbelly of this new normal and justified the point I was making,” she said.

“I pray that all Jamaicans who value common decency will find the courage to push back against this new normal and defend Jamaica’s true culture. If we lose this battle, however unpopular the battle or its choosing may be, we will have lost Jamaica,” she added.

Gaza fans once again came to Kartel’s defense with some of the comments bordering on threats after this week’s live session. However, most fans think that Hanna would be biased no matter what because of a general perceived distaste for the artiste and his music.

One fan said: “she a one a them that don’t like him from long time innuh…. big man ting bredda me nuh like vybz kartel. personally I think he is a [email protected]##y hole but a the baddest dj and yes he is the king of dancehall”.

“She’s a hypocrite one minute you want to take his music of the air the next minute you want to debate about if his king who is u to debate that if him a king kmt one king in #dancehallreggae @vybzkartel”, another fan added.

One fan said there is simply no debate to be had: “It dont need i debate,the world know that.”

Most of the comments were in support of Kartel wearing the crown but fans will have to wait a bit longer to see if Hanna agrees.


Source: Dancehallmag

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