Review: Jahmiel Releases First Single From His ‘Revamp’ EP, ‘Lights Off’

Perhaps the title ‘Ride On’ was considered, but ‘Lights Off’ is the title of Jahmiel’s much awaited first single released today (May 12) from his upcoming Revamp EP.

The catchy lyrics, smooth flow, striking emotion, and memorable experience seems to be the epitome of the person Jamiel Foster and not just the music from the dancehall artiste – Jahmiel. Already viewed as a compliment to the pop hybrid sounds the once ‘Culture Jahmiel’ is known to produce; Lights Out offers a balance between the soft tones of R&B and the steady beat of reggae.

The subtle-sexy ballad is an expression of the bond he shares with his girl, aka, his ride or die partner. Where, in soulful-heat he bears his feelings of gratitude for the, pleasure of her presence in his life; reminding her of the reasons why she is the one he has to bless.

In a soft rhythm riding delivery, produced by Patriotz Muzik and Quantanium Records, he accelerates his tempo to give her his full attention, and to also mention his commitment to never physically abuse her, instead to shower her with gifts, love and manly attention, as they both ride-on.

The artiste envelops his reveal of their mutual love for the rides-on in chorus with the statement of long-term commitment to the happy defined relationship, “Ano just a one-night stand, nah lef, for yuh a mi right han…Seh she a mi ride or die, an mi love it baby when you ride on, ride on yeah, lights off yeah..”.

Within an hour of its release, Jahmiel’s Lights Off has already amassed over 300 comments on its YouTube upload where fans were raving, leaving virtual forwards and comments to what obviously will be another hit.

We have said it before Jahmiel is one of the few artistes who understands the art of delivery in making fan pleasing music.  This song pulls in the listener for multiple replays and continuous selects. Without the shadow of a doubt, this will get top spins on turntables and plays on live streams this weekend.

After the event of the Corona crisis, will this be the theme song for the insiders, isolators, quarantine lovers, and ride-or-die partners?

Listen to Jahmiel’s Lights Off below.  REVAMP will be released on May 29 and is available for preorder.


Source: Dancehallmag

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