TeeJay Draws Criticism From Fans For These Photos On Top New Benz

The Up Top boss Teejay has come in for heavy criticism from some of his dancehall fans after he posted two photos to his Instagram that showed him standing on a Mercedes Benz SUV.

The Henne & Weed singer, whose real name is Timoy Jones, was surrounded by his crew in one photo with the caption: “Uptop nuh worship vanity Uh hear .”

The photos went viral and were featured on other social media accounts that asked fans what they thought about the artiste flaunting a vehicle like that while his crew looks like they are not afforded the same lifestyle.
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Some commentators, like YouTube Vlogger Amari Deraisx, believe that the move was intentional and TeeJay knew exactly what sort of comments he would draw from his followers.

The implication in the photo is that he is rich enough that if he stands on a Benz and it’s damaged, it’s no problem for him because he can simply have it repaired.  Another observation from critics and fans, was that TeeJay, 25, is the lone man wearing a mask while his friends are seen without any, prompting many to ask if he even values their life or friendship.

Fans were divided in the comment section of the post with some understanding and identifying with where TeeJay is coming from but many seemed incensed by the perceived callous nature of the photo, which obviously shows a difference in social status.

“Fi real up top gaza vendetta all di youths weh a duh dem thing more blessing”, said one supportive fan.  Another added,  “The mentality every getto yute fi have.. dweet mi do”.  This fan also agreed that nothing was wrong with the pic saying: “Uptop a run the place uptop4eva.”

However, those who seemed perturbed by the picture had strong words for the deejay, with some arguments even breaking out in the comments.

This fan said: “So you ah di only one weh ah go live lol cuh di rest ah dem soon dead  only one wit da mask,” and this fan was quick to fire back: “how is that his problem?. He prolly just drove to go link e man Dem. kmt y’all find some dumb s$#t to say in here u see man.”

Another fan jokingly added: “If yuh DON’t worship vanity, stand in the middle @uptopboss_official.”

Even though there were some disparaging comments most of them were in support of the artiste and his growth as he’s always proudly proclaimed that he is a product of the ghetto himself.

In the end, it seems that TeeJay really did know what his intentions were as the photos are still being hotly debated by Dancehall fans.


Source: Dancehallmag

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