Jamaican in Italy Sends Warning

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A Jamaican residing overseas is now opening up about his experience after catching the dubbed deadly COVID-19 virus.

The man, Shay Townsend, 35, has been residing in country of Italy for the last six years. Shay recalls, stating that the flu is nothing compared to the COVID-19 virus. He states that he has been in isolation from the 16th of March, suffering, alone, with the virus.

In his words, the Townsend described the ordeal: “At times, I felt like if I went to sleep, I would die in my sleep, so I stayed up fighting to breath and controlling my temperature.”

He stated that he’s just focusing on reuniting with his wife and son.

Townsend, who hails from Mandeville, Manchester, had just received a job in Florence, Italy, when the outbreak began in the country. Two of his co-workers also tested positive; one of whom died on Saturday morning. Townsend, who has no underlined medical issues, admits that he didn’t take the virus seriously.

“I was busy assisting guests and helping to prepare our hostels for closing. I was one of the people who never listened or took this virus serious. We had a couple who lost their luggage, so I helped with a free room and transportation to the airport when they were leaving. The husband shook my hand, the wife hugged me and that’s when I contracted the virus,” he recalled.

Townsend, is now encouraging all Jamaicans to listen to the authorizes who are battling to control the virus. He states that it’s now the time for all Jamaicans to come together and focus on the battle against the virus and heed the warnings of the authorities.

As of Tuesday, Italy has reported almost 70,000 COVID-19 cases. There have been almost 7,000 fatalities, almost doubling the number of deaths in China. Yesterday alone, Italy recorded 743 deaths. It was its second-deadliest day so far. On Saturday, March 31, a staggering 793 deaths were recorded.

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