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Jamaican Woman Elected Emory Law Journal First Black Chief Editor

Atlanta, Georgia (McN) –  Emory University School of Law, who publishes the Emory Law Journal has elected its first black Editor in Chief, and she is Jamaican Born.

The Georgia based Emory University School of Law announced that student Janiel Myers will take on the to the Journal’s highest post.

Myers, now and American citizen, was born in Jamaica.

Myers who hopes her appointment impact diversity at the law school, has aim to practice bankruptcy law, and later ambitions of becoming a professor of law.

“I hope my appointment will have a future impact on the diversity at the law school. I hope that prospective black students and other students of color will see Emory Law as a place of community and inclusion when making their admission decisions,” Myers explained.

Robert Schapiro, dean and Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law, mirrored those sentiments, saying,

“Even as we continue our critical efforts to advance both the diversity and inclusiveness of our community, we do well to celebrate Janiel’s achievement.  It is an important moment for the law school and for the Journal.”

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