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Woman with British Accent Arrested – Alleged Extortion Mastermind

Clarendon, Jamaica (McN)– Police report that they have in custody the alleged extortion mastermind, behind and elaborate extortion scheme, threatening business owners in several parishes.

The woman who is reported to have a British accent, was confirmed to be a Jamaican who lived in the United Kingdom for several years, she was arrested in her Clarendon home.

On Friday the police reported that they arrested to suspects in connection with the extortion ring, they are stated to be men in their 20ies. The men were apprehended in Manchester.

The letters were directly addressed to top businesses in Mandeville, demanded payment of $25,000 weekly or $100,000 monthly to run large businesses, while medium businesses were ordered to pay $20,000 weekly or $80,000 monthly.

Parts of the Extortion Letter states

“If you choose to close your business establishment and move elsewhere you may do so at your own free will, however this system will be placed in all three counties: Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey, therefore if your business or identity comes across the radar in any of the other 13 parishes or in another area within this parish you now operate, it will be treated as a violation and you will be killed,” states the letters with a stamp, with the words “Order of the SM”.

“If business is slow, simply close it down and get out because if you continue to exist without paying your dues you will be at harmful risk,” the letters state.

In the meanwhile police is asking business owners who receive this letter to stay calm and report it to the police. Police state further that they are working on this case and making good progress.

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