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Jamaica Defence Force Appeals to St James Residents to Facilitate the Security Forces

Jamaica News, January 20, 2018     

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Jamaica Defence Force Appeals to Residents: Head of the Jamaica Defence Force Operations Unit Colonel Daniel Pryce on Saturday appealed to residents of St James to facilitate the security forces to their best during the ongoing State of Emergency.

Colonel Pryce who was speaking at a press briefing held at the Army Barracks in Montego Bay urged residents that the security forces aims are to flush out and clamp down on Scammers, gang members, wanted men,  persons of interest,  gunmen and to seize illegal firearms.

He further stated that the State of Emergency is expected to last up until Thursday, February 15th at what time the security forces would have been able to establish their goal of bringing these criminals to justice and restoring the rules of law and confidence to the parish and its communities.

The Colonel pointed out that over the past years, crime has gone to record level in St James and at the end of 2017 the parish recorded a total 335 murders.

During the first twenty days of 2018, a total of 7 murders were recorded and for that, an intense State of Emergency was imposed.

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