Jamaica artist takes aim at Jay Z’s liquor brand Inzpiration releases ‘Up it Up’ as tribute to D’usse VSOP Cognac

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Top brand products, from cars to shoes to liquor, are always being featured in songs by artists, spanning genres such as reggae, dancehall and hip hop.

For decades Jamaicans, in particular, have been using that practice to good effect so it’s no surprise that local DJ, Inzpiration, whose real name is Richard Gordon, has joined that list.

The difference this time however, is that the artist has taken aim at a brand that although popular abroad, might not necessarily have a large following here in Jamaica.

Let’s talk, Jay Z, the first billionaire rapper. And let’s talk D’usse VSOP Cognac, a liquor which he part-owns in a deal with Bacardi and which is now worth some US$100 million.

Now, in steps Jamaican DJ, Inzpiration, with a track titled Up It Up, which he uses to pay homage to the rap icon and his cognac, D’usse.

Up It Up talks about a liquor called D’usse. Jay Z, he’s a co-owner of the company that makes it so we have to just big him up because the liquor is part of the song. It’s all about the party vibes, that’s how it is,” Inzpiration says.

Up It Up was released on December 12 on all digital platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify. The record is on the Ground Zero rhythm and is produced by TCM Studio and Lenroy Palmer, aka Pimp Juice.

Inzpiration came to attention locally in 2016 when three of his releases, So HighWork Hard, and Help The Poor, were picked up by Doug E Fresh on his Poze radio station and given extensive airplay.

Since then he has released several tracks including Mr Big Man, Right Turn

Superstar, Comfort, Ina di Ghetto and Chant 10 Psalms, as he seeks a breakthrough in the competitive dancehall business.

“I know Up It Up will lift my music career to a new level, it’s all about keeping it real and keeping it positive,” says the DJ who has been hailed for the positive messages he continues to portray in his music.

Inzpiration says he is looking for a good year in 2021, despite the lingering pandemic and predicts big things for Up It Up.

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