Jahvillani Debuts New Music Video For His Single ‘Million Dollars’: Watch

Dancehall dynamo Jahvillani is back with his usual cool and composed swag to present his newest single Million Dollar. The official music video aired yesterday April 3rd on his VEVO page under the production of YGF Records and Kswizz Music.

As the title of the track suggests, not only does the Clarks Pon Foot deejay disclose that he makes his bricks quickly but also that his bank books are ‘full of digits and commas’. It was just recently that inquiries of his earnings were brought to the forefront by the media. There were also speculations that he may just be the richest man in dancehall with his net worth estimated over 100 million dollars, although sources were clear to indicate that these statements were still under review.

If you ask the man himself however, he will not shy away from telling you how rich he is. In fact he’s been telling us for quite some time now. Look at his tracks like Rubberband, Suh We Living, Up Stairs and Money Deh Yah Nuff w/ Strait E, they are all laced with expensive and boasty lyrics.

Then Million Dollar gets right to the meat of the matter, Jahvillani drops unmistakable verses like “Mi brick dem gigantic, look pon mi wrist, bare diamond chip … mi fresha dan a million dolla … make money fast like wriggles and grabba, mi bank book dem full a digits and comma..”

Lyrics like these aren’t uncommon among Jamaican deejays and American rappers alike; they tend to talk up their coinage, so it’s really hard to tell what’s really going on in their bank accounts. Even going to great measures to borrow and lease props to make their music videos depict their flashy, often time ‘make believe’ lyrics.

In Jahvillani’s Million Dollar music video courtesy of KD Visuals however, things are somewhat dialled down a bit for more of a theatrical display. The deejay takes a step out of the limelight to stage a comedic enactment from two lead actors, and a couple dancers doing their thing. The laid-back deejay sits like a boss dishing out his rhymes while surrounded by an admiring host of ladies.

The video is now available for your viewing pleasure — Check out the new visuals for Million Dollar below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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