Chinese Community Rally with $8M Gift Supplies

Latest Jamaica News, Montego Bay (McKoy’s News): The mercantile Chinese community in Montego Bay has rallied in helping to cope with shortages created by the onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with the donation of over $8 million in food and healthcare supplies, including sanitizers and masks.

The Chinese community contribution was coordinated by Yangsen Li who also chairs a sister city committee between Montego Bay and Zhejang Province in China and Ziping Chen, President of Fugian Associations.  Mr Li disclosed that the initiative was also supported by many other members of the Chinese community, in many students who contributed their lunch money.

Minister of National Security, Hon Dr. Horace Chang (3rd left) is pleased to see that the over $800,000 worth of supplies being donated to the Freeport Police includes special masks more suited for those who must work on the frontline in ensuring compliance with regulations governing the coronavirus, COVID-19. With him are (from left) Coordinator for the Chinese Community, Yangsen Li; President of Fugian Associations, Ziping Chen; Mayor of Montego Bay, Homer Davis and Chairman of Housing Agency of Jamaica, Norman Brown. – Contributed

Of the nine recipients, half the supplies valued at more than $4.5 million went to the Cornwall Regional Hospital while the Freeport Police received supplies valued at over $802,000 and Member of Parliament for Central St James, Heroy Clarke got $677,000 for distribution particularly to his many inner-city constituents. Other recipients include the St James Fire Brigade, the St James Infirmary, Montego Bay Community Home for Girls (formerly Melody Home), Blossom Garden Children Home, West Haven Children Home and Jenny Kushmar Nest Girls Home.

Minister of National Security, Hon Dr Horace Chang on Saturday welcomed the support of the Chinese community when he visited Beauty Queen, the large distribution center at Fairview in Montego Bay along with Mayor Homer Davis, Superintendent of Police Vernon Ellis and other interested parties.

Dr. Chang expressed appreciation, noting that the items included supplies of benefit to first responders treating with cases of the deadly virus as well as the vulnerable in the community, some of whom are very poor” and “could save some lives.” He was particularly pleased with the supply of special masks donated to the police who will be on frontline duty in ensuring compliance with protocols laid out for treating with COVID-19.

Minister Chang commended the Chinese business community for showing that “they are not here only to invest and make a profit but have integrated themselves into the community and are making a valuable contribution and in this time of our need have come forward.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Davis reflected that Jamaica and China have had a long relationship going back over 150 years and he expected the friendship between the two countries continue for a very long time to come. He too recognized the value of the gifts especially to those on the frontline and the poor and vulnerable. “It is not for the greedy, but the needy and I only hope that the needy will get it,” he emphasized.

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