Jahmiel Buries Chronic Law Without Ceremony In New Diss Track ‘No Funeral’: Listen

There seems to be some confusion in this latest feud between dancehall artistes Jahmiel and Chronic Law. Both parties seem to think they ‘won’ the war, but who was going to be the judge of that really?

In what was apparently the last round (Round 4) of this long and tiring war, well according to Chronic Law at least, he seemingly dropped the mic on his opponent concluding his counteraction track School Dem with saying, “Dem dead aready and mi nah sing nuttn more … flawless victory”. He released the track on April 23 and hasn’t said a peep about the matter since, even when Jahmiel started up Round 5 with his reaction single Teach Dem Again the following day on April 24.

The Law Boss went on to do his usual music (completely ignoring the jabs thrown in Teach Dem Again) and released an easy sounding ballad No Love on April 28 about being surrounding by ungrateful and heartless individuals — a common life story more than anything, void of a target or any kind of blood shed.

Well Jahmiel wasn’t going to make things end so uncertain to the fans, he has decided to host somewhat of a memorial service for the demise of the beloved Ackeem Campbell formerly known as the Chronic Law (since Law is obviously dead to him).

His single No Funeral dropped last night on April 28, an apostolic dancehall tune riddled with his gangster lyrics. The cover art for the single on YouTube clearly identifies the photo of ‘Froggy’ (one of Jahmiel’s many aliases for Law) on a white flag to suggest his opponent’s clear surrender from the war.

In the song, before he lays his opponent to rest and in demonstrating his badness and sinister ways, he narrates his methods of obliteration and the resulting effects: “One piece out a di hand piece (a shot fires) ah di man a drop, we nuh drop piece. Him curl up like a f—king drop leaf, face mash up just him cap leave”.

The Patriotz don upon deciding that his victim doesn’t need a funeral says, “Nah get nuh coffin, nah get nuh hearse, nah get nuh wreath, nah get nuh church. Fling dem in a di bl—dclawt dirt, pay fi yuh sins when mi gun start work” (more shots fire).

He paints a vivid picture of loading a dead man’s body with even more bullets while he lies in a grave — then continues singing the chorus “ him nu deserve nuh funeral”.

The single No Funeral is certainly quite taunting; Chronic Law would really have to exercise some unyielding restraint to not hit Jahmiel back with a counter track. Although it does seem like he’s said his peace and would like to put this war at rest. It would be entertaining however to hear a eulogy of some sort for Jahmiel from the Law Boss to really close this chapter with some finesse.

Just to recap the saga between these two:


Instigated by Jahmiel, he dropped the single Dead Xample on April 13th and Law released Pree on April 14.

Round 2

Jahmiel wielded a 357 on April 17 and Law retorted with Relevant on April 19th.

Round 3

Jahmiel addressed Law in Chip Glock on April 20 and Chronic Law responded with Talk Facts on April 21st.

Round 4

Jahmiel came back with Quaran Kill on April 22 and Chronic ended the round with School Dem on April 23.

Round 5

Jahmiel apparently warring with himself dropped Teach Dem on April 24th to which Law did not respond.  Now here is the memorial-closing track from Jahmiel No Funeral, check out the official audio below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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