Quarantine War Emerges Between Blak Ryno And Devin Di Dakkta

The quarantine period in Jamaica seems to be getting to deejays who are accustomed to touring and using their energies on stage. Many wars have broken, out the most popular so far probably being Vybz Kartel taking on just about every big name in the industry including Aidonia and MVP.

The latest to join the quarantine wars is Blak Ryno who has decided to go after Grammy-nominated artiste Devin Di Dakkta, though the reason remains unclear.

Ryno, whose real name is Romaine Anderson, released a song called Murderer on his Instagram page and used a long caption to call out Di Dakkta, real name, Anthony Clarke.

Ryno posted: “#GARRISONSYSTEM Anuh me ago answer yuh mi clock ago bex if mi waste time . Devin d snappa and dont look for a reply ether and don’t even consider it ,yuh na mean ? @devindidakta and nuh follow mi up, focus pon yuh music and stop mislead the people Dem from WHAT my team ( #GARRISON ) and I is pushing towards , WE’RE NOT EVEN AWARE OF THE CURRENT FEUD THAT’S TAKING PLACE IN DANCEHALL RIGHT NOW AND PEOPLE KNOW ME !! ME !!! LOVE JUMP IN A UNINVITED FEUD BUT MI ON A DIFFERENT MEDS 2O2O, TAKE NOTES . But me artist rustygovernmusic go buss off yuh fedo dedo looking face (lyricaly ),CAUSE ME NA LOOK so yuh lil friend Dem on IG weh you a send over this side Fi “Boost” war tell Dem anuh ball a play ova yaso and a henessy & cranberry era now supplegen can’t boost nobody again.”

The post is supposed to serve as a warning to Di Dakkta that he is not even on Ryno’s level. Even this war seems to be linked to the ongoing feud between Kartel and Aidonia as Ryno has several posts on Twitter praising Aidonia’s music.

Di Dakkta has two Tweets about the ongoing duels.

The first one is dated April 22nd and he says: “Clashing/Rivalry has always been MAJOR part of Dancehall culture. Whether it’s Sound Systems or Artists. It’s simple, If you don’t like it, listen smtn else otherwise Stfu #Dancehall #ClashFiGwaan April.”

The other from the 25th states: “Jahmiel & Chronic Law a two wicked Artists but This clash is Pile of pooPile of pooPile of pooPile of poo Bare [email protected]#kry song from both a dem April 25th.”

In another post Ryno says: “When Devin 15 minutes start, tell me please. One song buss mi, not two or three, just one. If yuh name three hit song Devin have, mi maybe clash him, and mi might take a year fi think bout it. And unu a go regret it because it a go kill him career,” and adds in another: “Dawg, unu can’t expect mi to clash a comedian.”
Di Dakkta fired back shots at Ryno and stated:

“I would literally set my house on fire, give up my kids for adoption and sleep a Half-Way Tree ’til me decide to commit suicide if me, Anthony Escoffery ‘Devin Di Dakkta’ Clarke, make da object yah kill me inna clash,” a part of Devin’s post read. “I’m not a fan of arguing with artistes in IG captions, me just make me studio inna me house. Ready when yuh ready.”

One fan had an interesting comment that seemed to indicate that both artistes were aligning themselves with the bigger clashes going on at the moment. That fan said: “an who take beaten cant war man weh diss kartel when him deh a road and ntn cant do him, devin diss cory todd and get flag him figot say him balll pan national tv,” and another fan added: “Ryno rush Corey with knife Devin get beat by Corey that war nuh make it.ryno ah lead already.”

From the look of it seems Dancehall will soon erupt in a series of small battles supporting one big war, at least until the quarantine is over and they begin refocusing on their careers.


Source: Dancehallmag

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