Jafrass Details His ‘Frustration’ In New Single And Video

On his latest release, dancehall artist Jafrass is detailing a few of his life frustrations, many of which fans can relate to.

The single, produced by Attomatic Records, is one of Jafrass’ most conscious songs released in recent weeks. The deejay aims to take a load off his mind, buy relaying problems that he, and the average person, face daily. “Di mount a things pon mi brain/di mount a things me a think bout”, he deejays, as the song becomes a form of therapy for him.

The instrumental is almost somber, in line with theme of the song. The riddim allows fans to focus on the lyrical content, which is the reality of many young adults. “Mi a pree fi buy mi mother a house dawg/nuh think me a boast cause di money nuh close. Mi likkle daughter say she want a blouse dawg/nuh if or suppose dawg me a touch di road”, he deejays.

The official music video is nothing flashy, which works for this type of song. The record has resonated with many of the deejay’s fans who have been sharing their own frustrations and personal trials.

“Mi frustrated, I know we all are in times like these but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel”, said one fan in the youtube comments while another fan wrote a similar message, saying “Who can relate? Yow mi feel everything inna da song yah….time fi wi live good life”. One fan did is own form of venting in the comments saying, “Still a wonder why dem take mi bredda life and me don’t know”.

The song has connected with fans in a way that only true words from a true artist can and has provided a much-needed meditation for those going through the roughest times.

Watch Jafrass’s latest music video below:


Source: Dancehallmag

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