Intence ‘Fire First’ Track Review

Following his recent interview with Anthony Miller – renown Jamaican Entertainment Journalist, dancehall artiste Intense drops another hit with video, titled ‘Fire First‘.

Tashawn George Gabbidon, professionally known as Intence, not only has a unique image, he also has already established his standard in the dancehall. A standard worthy to be highlighted by the controversial Miller, noting in his interview with the artiste that “… for each new song an intense video, image very much in the picture”.

Intence maintains the same for his new single entitled ‘Fire First’, released today May 12, 2020, with an entourage clad video, shot in Jamaica. He puts intense descriptive and rifled badness on the same beat as Alkaline‘s Monopoly.

In a move somewhat reneging on his promise to no longer do music purporting violence, Intence gets militant with Fire First. The Go Hard artiste speared no lyrical bullets to relate his determination to survive and not die – ‘Mi nuh plan fi dead, mi fire first”.

Without remorse for the victim of his released war head, from his big automatic, metaphorically compared to and oversized twerk, Intence, makes it abundantly clear that anyone deserving or coincidentally in the wrong place, will feel an “escape bomb…rapid burst, man a getti, gyal a getti…”

Perhaps taking the micky out of all the Gaza members and affiliates who have taken up the gauntlet to go against him in his recent tiff with Vybz Kartel, the Done Wid Di Badness Deejay, is ruthless and brutal in his treatment of all those against him, not sparing anyone, even his “youth”. He takes the war to them because again, he plans not to die now.

Nurtured viciously, the artiste performs among a strong compliment of followers, meds to the sounds of his lyrical firing. Here he portrays to be a man of his word, doing whatever he says as opposed to being only bad in his lyrics. For, be it friend or foe, the bullets of his fat-matic has no regard for identity, any-body can be raised a float by his bullet should they not learn from his teaching.

To his adversary, he encouraged them to get a free copy of the Gideon New Testament Bible, and go join a church immediately.

Already the ‘yeng badness’ hailed song has amassed over sixty thousand views on YouTube, and is expected to ‘draw out some man’ and hopefully spark a reaction from the camps of the probable squealing hogs, who may have been injured, or accidentally speared (lyrical) death.

Watch the Intence’s Fire First below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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