Intence Previews New Song About Car Crash, Foota Hype Brags About His ‘Powers’

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Strangely, it was prophesied that a car crash would befall the Go Hard singer at the height of his feud with Hype.  On July 6, Foota responded in the affirmative to a fan, who warned that the selector dabbles “with voodoo.” The fan’s warning came after Intence had previewed another song called Antisocial on July 5.

Antisocial was eventually released on July 9, and it clapped back at Foota over comments he had made about Intence’s “woman” being involved with the incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel.

In the preview for Guidance, released today, Intence shares a photo of his bloodstained hand with a ring turned inwards to show an Eye of Horus engraving.   The Egyptian symbol seems to bear special meaning for Intence, as he also had it tattooed onto his forehead at the start of the year.

Some Instagram fans took umbrage that the symbol was being mixed with the spiritual lyrics of the preview, as it’s often linked with the Illuminati or dark magic movements.  However, Intence and others may believe the symbol simply provides “protection, health, and rejuvenation.”

The lyrics of the Guidance preview reveal that he feels attacked both physically and through “obeah” and that it didn’t work because he is protected.

“The Obeah dem wuk, it nuh work out, mama send a praya for me in ah church house,” he sings in one part of the short clip. The rest he speaks about being protected by God and the fact that people have even tried to kill him by shooting and even that didn’t work.  Given the circumstance, he’s also now paranoid and only trusts himself.  Listen to the preview below.

Beenie Man was among those showing Intence some support as he commented: “Blessings more life”. Other fans wished the artiste a speedy recovery, and the post was viewed more than 60,000 times since it was posted a few hours ago.

Meanwhile, Foota Hype, took to Instagram earlier this morning from his barbershop in Miami, to say that he was appreciative of what his “spiritual army” had done for him and that he wasn’t going to “curse their work.”

The provocative selector added: “Jesus ah nah my God, my God ah the universe.” As long as people don’t listen to him and live dirty, they will continue to crash and die, he says. “More a unu a go crash, more a unu a go dead, more a unu a go suffer,and dat is not a wish. Dat is a fact,” he proclaimed.

“Things weh happen a nuh our fault, innu. The ancestors dem out, man. When yuh rise against the Lord’s anointed, yah go feel the pressure. We just grateful say him nuh dead cuz the ancestors dem never choose fi him dead. All a di fans dem affi just give thanks say the ancestors dem lift up dem hand, innu, and say , ‘Arite, we nah kill yuh, we just a warn yuh’.”

He added that his “spiritual army” was so strong that when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s locked him up last year, his forces locked up the entire world in retribution, referencing the coincidence in timing between his incarceration and the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic was also the reason he was later released from the ICE holding facility.

He also declared that he is the warrior now carrying the torch of justice, as did Sizzla, Capleton, and Bounty Killer before him.

Hype used most of the video to say that he is not afraid of death. While he didn’t mention Intence explicitly, he implied that any enemy who chose to cross him would be destroyed by his “powerful link” to God.


Source: Dancehallmag

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