Teejay, Ding Dong & Qraig Could Be The Next Big Dancehall Group

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It can get pretty entertaining when dancehall artistes meet up at the recording studio, especially if they are friends. Look at what happened when Teejay, Ding Dong, and Qraig knocked heads two days ago?

Their goofing around soared right past a possible collab to forming the next big dancehall group or band as Ding Dong calls it.

you better hold on to your hearts, there is a new ‘man’ band coming to your city soon, and they sound real lit! Meet ‘The Librans’, Dancehall’s most elite songbirds, comprising of the Up Top Boss, Ravers Clavers ambassador, and the euphonious Qraig Voicemail, what more could you ask for?

TeeJay, Ding Dong & Qraiq

The deejays were at Romeich Entertainment’s in-house studio with resident sound engineer Slyda Di Wizard and all the recording implements at their disposal, hence the creation of this musical teaming.

The name Librans is an obvious guess, which only suggests that they were all born under the same zodiac (yeah pretty tacky). As for their debut single, it’s already composed and available for previewing on Ding Dong’s Gram (@dingdongravers), entitled Tie My Shoes.

On the track, Teejay kicks off the intro, singing on the rhythm of Usher’s, U Got It Bad to lay down this highly anticipated love song. The only problem is he switches off course and requests his muse to bend down and ‘tie his shoes’, and while she’s at it, just tie Qraig and Ding Dong’s as well.

Ding Dong comes in on the second verse singing a different tune, “If yuh like a slim man, if yuh like moose (motioning to Teejay), yuh like Qraig, yuh like roose, but I’m here for you, babey giiiirl,” he sings a little off-key, but Qraig comes in nailing the chorus “You got it, You got it bad…” Watch it all here, the ‘unreleased and never to be released’ single Tie My Shoes –

This is not the first teaming with these guys; Ding Dong and Qraig, along with his other Voicemail crew, launched their infamous single Just Dance Wacky Dip back in 2006. They also collaborated on another dance track, Ravers Rock, that dropped late last year.

Teejay and Ding Dong rocked out in their single Braff that also dropped last year, and recently both appeared in the mega collab We Rise with ShenseeaTarrus RileyKonshensKemar Highcon, and Kash.


Source: Dancehallmag

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