Vybz Kartel Talks COVID-19, Popcaan, Tommy Lee Sparta, Buju Banton & More In New Interview

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Jamaica’s favorite Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel may be keeping up with his fans through a prolific release of fresh and captivating music since his incarceration in 2014. This however hasn’t given us any inside scoop with what’s really going on with the Worl’ Boss, especially of late. Is he well? How is COVID-19 affecting him? Who and what is he really brewing about in his jail cell these days? …and can we see him?

These and so much more were discovered in a recent interview with Boomshots Magazine a few days ago. The most intriguing was the reveal of a new photo of the now darker-toned but still flossing dancehall artiste.

The latest pic of the Worl’ Boss does answer many questions on its own, at an instant glance you can see he is doing A-Okay. Although looking quite thin in physique, this is no new development, he has always had a lean statue.

It’s the ornate gold and black Versace long sleeve crew neck shirt, ripped ‘straight jeans and fitted’ complete with leopard print Wallabees that suggests he’s more than just good. Also donning a few reserved gold (could be bronze) jewels, understated spiky high-top haircut, and fashioning W fingers, it seems Kartel is in good spirits as well.

While we might speculate that he’s doing well from the looks of his recent photo, we actually heard it right from the horse’s mouth, “Yeah, I’m good. Ain’t no corona in prison on J Wray and Nephew.”

So remember that RIAA Gold plaque he got for his single Fever last month? Well “It’s hanging in my cell right beside the spot for my new Grammy award,” he said, painting such a vivid yet unfathomable visual.

Moving on to other topics, we got some pretty up-to-date deets, particularly that he might just be a conspiracy theorist, after all, calling the coronavirus a ‘plandemic’ rather than a pandemic but was quick to say he wasn’t.

He also thinks the struggles that spurred the Black Lives Matter protests in the U.S. are everywhere.

“Every Black person’s struggle is the same no matter where you are. Some issues might take precedence over others but it’s the same top 4 or 5 issues. High unemployment, high single-parent families, high crime rate, high people (drugs), and some bullshit religion that’s not ours. About the George Floyd incident… What’s new about it? Not a damm thing.”

About his appeal, we knew he was hopeful for a favorable verdict on his murder case, but the Teacha admitted he wasn’t the least bit surprised that it was denied.

Then the interview came to his feelings about a couple of artistes in the industry – Tommy Lee Sparta and Popcaan.  Has he forgiven them for “betraying” him in the past? Evidently yes, we see Sparta appearing on his new Of Dons & Divas album. Kartel even went as far as saying, “I’m proud to see their victories.”

The falling out he had with the Warlord, Bounty Killer back in the mid-2000s that gave rise to the Gully/Gaza feud, he now realizes with regret. Boomshot pointed out the salute made in his new single Uptop Gaza saying “Killa ah me daddy—still show allegiance to Alliance.”

Kartel said, “I appreciate most that he helped me realize my potential without prejudice. I didn’t grow up with him, we weren’t schoolmates. So I love and honor this man to the fullest. Falling out with the big boss was necessary still… that’s how America was built.”

Then it was on to the Bounty and Beenie Man Verzuz battle, “I loved the clash. Those are two legendary iconic artistes bar none,” he said.

The deejay shared a similar sentiment about Buju Banton as well. Coming from the original name ‘Adi Banton’ when he first started out in dancehall, the now reigning music icon admitted he was and still is a huge fan.

“When I heard Buju Banton I was captured instantly. I remember I left school and went straight to Chancery Lane and bought “Stamina Daddy.” I even tried to call the 9277039 # even though he SPECIFICALLY said “girls here is my line…” Ninjaman and Buju are my two main influences in music. BTW i gave out a number of my own in “Kartel Completely” ft Gaza Indu.,” he said.

Kartel went on further to express his elation that both his and Buju’s albums released on the same day. “Like i said he’s my deejay so for me it’s great. I want him to sell 10 mil on the first day. Me? 10.1 mil—LOL.”

Check out the full interview for more about his Of Dons & Divas album and his featured artistes at – Boomshots.


Source: Dancehallmag

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