Intence Dodges Questions On Skin Bleaching

Rising dancehall star Intence has been under the spotlight recently for his banging tracks, his image and of course the controversy with veteran artiste Vybz Kartel.

In a recent interview on TVJ’s Entertainment Report, the entertainer was asked a series of interesting questions by host Anthony Miller.

He was asked about his appearance and his music’s impact on the younger generation. His answer was eerily similar to one given by Kartel on a similar interview years ago. Intence stated that parents should control their kids and not let them bleach among other things. He was making music about his life.

The interviewer then went on to ask Intence a direct question about his appearance, “Do you bleach?”

“Haha, Jus low di bleaching ting yaa mi boss”, Intence replied.  Miller insisted, “Do you or don’t you?”, and Intence maintained “Jus low the bleaching argument mi G.”

Anthony eased off the bleaching question and asked “Is it more about the image than about the talent? Than about the music?”

“A package. Yuh cyaa just talented and naav no image and expect it fi work”, he said.

Intense added, regarding the song Go Hard that “Dah song deh a jus fi recognition yuh zeet and mi get dat suh mi naafi go back dah road deh again.” The track, released in July 2019, glorified “scamming” with almost 5 million views.

The Yeng artiste was asked about claims that he was buying views. He explained that he was only focused on building his career and had no time for the naysayers and doubters. If he were to focus on negative people, he would only be publicizing them.

Regarding the possibility of a lyrical war, he said: “Mi nuh tek draw out.”

“Mi a focus pon my career yuh zeet. Mi a build me right now. Now a nuh the time fi clash and first ting a neva clash or competition mi use and buss yuh zeet”, he said in reference to Sikka Rymes‘ direct diss track, released on April 13.  Intence says there’s no benefit to clashing with Rymes, who he believes is below him. “Why mi ago deh up hereso and go clash a artiste weh down hereso? Dat nuh spell no sense”, he explained.

Intence also spoke about his reserved personality, “Intense dis, antisocial. So if unuh see mi move certain way nuh bada feel like seh a hype or nuttin’. A jus me dis from mawnin from mi a go a school.”  He said that the coronavirus hasn’t affected his social life because “Mi nuh normally go out said way so mi used to dis. The social distancing mi used to it. Only when mi have show mi woulda jump out deh or go studio.”

He was asked what he thought his life would be like if he was not now in the music industry. He explained that he was on a path of wrongdoing before the music and would probably be on that path now or be facing the consequences. Intense told Anthony that his career was steadily growing before COVID-19 and continues to do so.  “Every weekend before dah corona ting yah, every weekend mi have all two show.”

During the current lockdown, he said, “everyday mi write all three or four song enuh.” He said that he also gets to spend time with his family, especially with his two-year-old son.

Watch the full interview below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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