Dexta Daps Drops Instagram Fan Favorite Track, ‘Breaking News’: Listen

Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps, after finally being released from police custody, headed straight into the music studio. He released his single Breaking News today April 30th just a few hours after he was discharged from the Hunts Bay Police Station where he had been detained for 3 weeks.

Daps had released a short version of the song a month ago on March 30th, previewing it on Instagram and asking fans what they thought about his then unfinished tune.

Emerging from a cloud of smoke with his spliff in hand on the studio balcony, the deejay started belting out the melodic rhymes accompanied with his signature sweet boy sounding vocals and sent his female fans wild with over 330,000 views.

It’s no surprise the completion and release of the song was his top priority on the list of things he had to do today. He also uploaded an announcement of the release on Instagram with the caption: “Breaking News!!!!!! I’M OUT”.

Over on YouTube, Daps is streaming like a champ with already 130k views and fans thanking the No Underwear deejay for finishing the song.

Although some seem to prefer the IG version: “Tek down this rawse and put up d real song. The one wa him sing on d balcony” and “It dropped the right time, as him lef jail. IG version better to me still.   like if you agree,” said a few of the fans. One very appreciative female admirer said, “Swear him mek 2020 feel better with this song”.

Breaking News is a soulful sounding ballad with a slow pulsating beat where Dexta encourages an all too deserving female to poison her ill-treating man. The deejay sings, “You too nice to him, di bwoy love him belly just poison him.” Though tinged with comedy, the single’s title ‘Breaking News’ represents a resulting effect of very prevalent and serious issue among couples.

It brings attention to domestic violence, as the deejay scenarios an abusive relationship, advising the female to stop fighting with her man. He then says, “Breaking News, man kill him gyal, a guess a cause her p—y good” and also in an approach of guidance says a man must be more understanding in their relationship, if he wants to be treated like a king, should treat his woman like a queen.

Maybe these views are best expressed in his music, prior to his arrest; Daps was in a pretty public dispute with Wally British on the said subject that which gained him great scrutiny. British, a popular MC and comedian reacted to a viral video she posted on Instagram, of man brutally beating on his woman. She strongly expressed that women beaters should get the same penalty as child molesters.

The Owner deejay responded to the post, clearly misunderstanding her comparison, said in an clearing-the-air attempt on his Instagram page, “yuh feel child molester must get the same treatment as domestic violence,” further elaborating that domestic violence is perpetrated by both male and females. However child molestation can’t occur both ways and is not the same thing. So both crimes can’t be treated the same way.

In Wally’s defence she clearly stated ‘women beaters’ should be penalised, not domestic violence resulting from a woman killing a man that which Daps was off-track in saying.

Fans got quite upset at dancehall’s favourite Romeo, even after he tried to redeem himself. He posted the short version of the Breaking News single on his IG a few days later and got some really good feedback from fans. Now in attempts to really clear his name has dropped the full composition.

Fresh out of lockup, check out Dexta Daps’ latest release Breaking News, produced By Godflow and Dexta Daps Music Group, LLC below.


source: Dancehallmag

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