Housen Demands PNP Issue Formal Update On Health of Party President

Attorney-at-law, the People’s National Party’s, Jennifer Housen, is demanding that the party leadership or secretariat give a formal update on the health of its President and the country’s Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips.

Miss Housen says the PNP should recognize that Dr. Phillips is paid by taxpayers.

The Attorney says it is therefore right and in the interest of transparency that Jamaicans know his circumstances.

Miss Housen says she’s sure that like Barbados Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, the condition of Dr. Phillips was serious for him to have been advised to do major surgery at this time.

The Attorney is also chiding people who’ve argued that the issue of Dr. Phillips’s health is a private matter.

She says Jamaica is quick to follow other countries in some areas, but appears reluctant to observe the extent of transparency which they require of their politicians

The Attorney and PNP member is also chiding the media for not enquiring about when Dr. Phillips will return to work, what led to his surgery and his current condition.

She says it’s unacceptable that none is media is asking those key questions about a person who’s a paid public servant with a key role in the affairs of the state.

in the comments which were made on her Facebook page, Miss Housen says she’s demanding that PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson, issue an update on the issue.

On Sunday a senior member of the PNP Executive told our news center that the following day the party would issue a statement on the health of the Opposition Leader as word continues to circulate in the party that Dr. Phillips is seriously ill.

But that statement was not forthcoming.

Dr. Phillips reportedly did abdominal surgery.

A biopsy was also done to help determine the full extent of his condition.


Housen Demands PNP Issue Formal Update On Health of Party President

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