Firearm and Ammunition Seized in Steer Town, St. Ann man in Custody

Head of Man Wanted for Rape and Robbery, Found in Manchester

The Mandeville police in Manchester have confirmed that the severed head of man who was being sought by the police for Rape and Burglary, was found in Porus, Manchester, on Thursday, July 6.

The deceased has been positively identified as 35-year-old Rohan Barrett, labourer also of Porus.

Reports are that about 6:30am, a farmer was walking to a shop in his community, when he came upon a shopping bag which was covered in blood, at the intersection of Mount Pleasant Main Road and Whitney Turn road.

He opened the bag to investigate and discovered that it contained the severed head of a man.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, investigations were carried out and Barrett’s head was positively identified by a relative.

Following the discovery, several residents in the community state that they can now breath a sigh of relief over the death of the wanted man, who they labelled as a serial rapist.

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