Gunman Killed by Licensed Firearm Holder

A man who reportedly pulled an Illegal firearm and fired several shots at a licensed firearm holder, along Manning’s Hill Road in St Andrew, on Tuesday, March 9, was fatally shot by the firearm holder.

He has been identified as 36-year-old Mark Chang, of a Spanish Town address, in St Catherine.

Reports by the police are that, the Licensed firearm holder was standing along a section of Manning’s Hill road, when Chang came to the location and started to act in a boisterous manner.

He was cautioned by the Licensed firearm holder, but he got in a rage and walked away from the area. He returned shortly after and brandished a handgun, which he used to fire several shots at the firearm holder.

The businessman returned the fire and shot Chang to death, followed by which the police were summoned and upon arrival, the Illegal weapon was handed over to them.

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