Heavily Armed Construction Worker Arrested and Charged, in Gordon Town, Kingston

A 38-year-old construction worker who was held with an Illegal firearm, and a number of assorted ammunition at his home in Mammie River district, Gordon Town, Kingston, on Monday, has been charged with Illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

He has been identified as Renardo Blackwood, of a Mammie River district address, in Gordon Town, and D’Aguilar Road address in Kingston 2.

Reports by the Elleston Road police are that about 11:30 am, lawmen carried out an operation in the area, and searched a house occupied by Blackwood.

During the search, a black plastic bag was found on his white chest-of-drawer, which contained seven 12-gauge cartridges.

A further search of the house led to the discovery of a Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol fitted with a magazine containing twelve 9mm rounds, and an extra magazine containing thirteen 9mm rounds.

Blackwood was taken into custody and subsequently charged in connection with the seizure.

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