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Illegal 9mm Gun Found in Woman’s Washing Machine

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Jamaica News, February 2, 2018

Clarendon, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Gun Found in Woman’s Washing Machine: Clarendon Police have arrested a Frankfield, Clarendon woman in the seizure of an illegal firearm and 13 rounds of ammunition found at her home on Thursday morning.

Police Reports are that about 7:30 am in a police operation, police detectives entered a home occupied by a woman in Park Hall, Frankfield, in the parish of Clarendon and carried out a search warrant.

During the search of the house, the woman was caught swiftly throwing an object into a washing machine.

The Investigators then searched the washing machine and discovered an Arcus 9mm pistol containing 13 rounds of ammunition in the barrel of the washing machine.

The woman was taken into custody.

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