Gully Bop [Inna Di Place Mon]

 Got Beer? No, it’s just a carving him a pose with…


Dj ‘Gully Bop’ is one of the most controversial DJ in Jamaica 

Jamaican “Dj Gully Bop” Poses with Red Stripe Beer Carving in Montego Bay Craft Market
The Dj who made a visit to Montego Bay recently was caught imitating drinking from a Red Stripe beer carving, along the Hip Strips of Montego Bay.


Gully Bop is currently in the States to set his musical career on the right part.


We want to wish him all the best.


He had several humorous songs since the short time he arrived on the music scene. He starred at  Sumfest 2015 along with his then girl friend Chin.

Reporter Alan Lewin

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