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Granville in St James Under Curfew Following Double Murder and Arson

The St James police are reporting that a 48-Hour curfew has been imposed in the community of Granville in St James, effective Thursday, February 23 at 6:00pm, until Saturday, February 25 at 6:00pm.
The Curfew has been imposed following the double murder of two men in Gut Bottom, Granville on Wednesday afternoon, and the burning of several house in the community early Thursday morning.
Reports are that the men were shot and killed outside a Plaza in Gut Bottom about 2:30pm, and hours later armed men set fire to several houses and motor vehicle in the area.
Firefighters were also greeted by gunfire when they drove to the location.
The boundaries of the curfew will start along Tucker main road about 818 meters from Sabrina’s Sea Food Place to Chambers Drive intersection, then along Tucker main road back to the Granville police station.
It will then run from the Granville police station through to the Intersection at Fairfield main road, and then back along the Tucker main road, through to Sabrina’s Sea Food Place.
The police are asking that during the hours of the curfew residents must remain without their premises, unless they have been given instructions to do so by a ground commander.

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