Grange Hill Police Seeking Man Caught on Camera Beating Student with Machete

Jamaica Crime News, Westmoreland: With tension still brewing in the community of Grange Hill in Westmoreland, following the brutal slaying of seven persons, as well as, the shooting and wounding of six other community members in the area on Tuesday.The police have now focused their attention on a man who was caught on camera beating a teenage female student with a machete.

Our news team also learnt that the incident has now been brought to the attention of the CDA and Detectives attached to the Grange Hill Police Department. An investigation has been launched in search of the accused.

Reports are that, following the spate of shootings in the area on Tuesday and the seven persons killed, all schools in the area were closed for the day.  Students were sent home from various institutions which include the Grange Hill High School. The police who patrolled the street assisted by making sure that all the students were out of harm’s way.

It is further reported that the man seen on the camera is a guardian of the student he is seen beating with the machete.

Upon hearing that school was not in session, he reportedly went in search of the child and learnt that she was seen in Burnt Savannah which is a distance from where she resides.

He caught up with her inside an internet cafe and used a machete to beat her while using a barrage of expletives at her.

The police told our news team that an investigation is now on the way and when the man is located charges will be laid against him.

Recently a mother was caught on camera beating her child with a machete in the same manner and criminal charges were laid against her.

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