Firearm Seizure Moratorium

Mount Salem Residents Call For Extension To Firearm Seizure Moratorium 

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Firearm Seizure Moratorium: Residents in the community of Mount Salem in St James say they are now calling on the Prime Minister of Jamaica, for an extension of the Moratorium on Firearm seizures within the Zone.

This appeal by the residents has come a few days after the expiration of the Moratorium which was issued by Prime Minister Andrew Holiness on Sunday, September 3, during a press Conference which was held at the Western Office of the Prime Minister in Montego Bay.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness firmly stated that the Moratorium/Grace Period would be relative to establishing possession, where an illegal firearm is discovered on premises.

This period he said would last for only five days, starting on the day of the announcement.

The Firearm Seizure Moratorium expired on Friday, September 7, but residents within the zone are now saying that following Saturday’s seizure of four illegal weapons they know that the illegal guns are still there but residents are afraid.

The moratorium stated that if an illegal firearm is found at a premises in those five days, the owner or occupier of that premises will not be taken into custody but will be documented. A person found with a firearm will be dealt with according to the laws of the country.

According to residents, the five day period was far too short and the government should give family members time to have dialogue with other relatives and for them to turn over the illegal weapons to the Joint Military Team.

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